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Uncover the History and Culture of Fascinating Croatia

Croatia occupies a corner of the north-east Adriatic and as such it has found itself at the centre of many of the world’s greatest historical moments on more than one occasion. Sandwiched between Rome and the east, it didn’t take long before the influences of the superpowers of their time were felt through both trade and conquest.

It has, throughout history, been a part of the Roman Empire, the state of Venice, the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Now, of course, Croatia is a proud and independent nation, but the past can be seen in almost every corner of the country, from ancient ruins to the food and customs which are prevalent.

The arts have always been a big part of Croatian culture, while music and literature are also enjoyed. Croatians have always had a deep and fascinated interest in both the ancient and modern and the outstanding Neanderthal Museum in Krapina is an example of this. But even in the smaller towns and villages there is usually something of note, with galleries and historical buildings among the most commonly found.

The city of Dubrovnik is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. The constrictedstreets of this impressive city which juts out into the warm Adriatic, are filled with vitality and packed with history.

Soak it up as you take a leisurely stroll and explore part of this truly incredible place, stopping to savor a drink or a mid-morning snack in one of the cafés, before you do some souvenirs shopping in the extensive range of shops and boutiques.

For religious historians, the Euphrasius Basilica in Poreč, is as good an example of early Byzantine architecture as you will find anywhere in the region and not far down the road, in Pula, you’ll find the remains of a Roman amphitheatre, which is the best preserved ancient monument in the country and one of the 6 largest surviving Roman arenas in the world.

In fact, Pula’s amphitheatre remains as one of the few which is still regularly used, holding concerts, being used as a filming location and once, in 2012, as a venue for ice-hockey.


Of course, there is much more to immerse yourself in here. Historic cities, such as Trogir, the walled Roman capital of Salona which served as the capital of Dalmatia and has another amphitheatre which would have seated up to 18,000 spectators, the Diocletian's Palace in Split, the Greeting to the Sun monument in Zadar and The Cathedral of St James in Sibenik, are all worthy of mention and are well worth taking the time to visit.

Croatia is also home to many historic castles. Orsic, in the northwest of the country, is a great example of a baroque masterpiece and houses the Museum of the peasants Revolt, while for peace and quiet a visit to Trakoscan offers something different. Occupying a high vantage point on a hill, surrounded by woodland and overlooking a lake, the whitewashed walls and terracotta roofs might have been made for a fairy-tale.

Whatever you decide to do, Croatia will provide you with a step back into the past like no other. The rich cultural history, intermingled with the remnants of the past are everywhere. All you need to do is step outside your door and begin to explore.


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